Okwadike: A Man Of Peace With Unaccomplished Mission — Tribute By HRH Igwe Amb. David Kingston Okey-Dede

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My last encounter with Okwadike by HRH Eze Amb. David Kingston Okey-Dede

I became close to Okwadike, His Exeellency Dr Chukwuemeka Ezife moment I started attending Eminent Elders Consultative Forum meeting which he Okwadike was the chairman gradually we became friends with numerous visits to his home and in one of my visit to his house on October 2023 to inform him about my upcoming Offala Festival which supposed to hold on the last Saturday of November but latter rescheduled to Saturday 2nd December 2023, that day he asked that I should come upstairs and we sat at the barcony before now our meetings used to be at the sitting room downstairs and always very brief but on this day he told me lot of stories and ended saying that he acknowledged that he has made some mistakes that we should forgive him and that I should work hard to bring peace among the Igbos in Abuja. I didn’t fartorm any meaning to what he is saying because I knew that he is the chairman of Eminent Elders Forum he is the one highly position for such a job of making peace for Igbo people in Abuja even beyond so I did not think much of what he said about me bringing peace to Igbo people in Abuja, that day I just informed him about the upcoming event and I promise to bring the invitation card later not knowing that this is the last time I will be seeing him, two weeks to the event date I went to his house to deliver the invitation card only for his PA insisting that I should give him the invitation card and the accompanying drink and promise to deliver it to him Okwadike, even when I enquire of his whereabouts he the PA agreed that he is indoor, we just left as we have many invitation card to distribute. On the day of the offala I was expecting to see him but did not think much about it until when Igbo 1 of Abuja HRM Eze Dr Ibe Nwosu arrived without okwadike I guess that he might not be at my Ofalla for one urgent assignment or the other. two more weeks after my Ofalla, only for me to hear that the great one with big good heart Okwadike, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife have gone to meet our lord God. Okwadike you have a good heart and many good thoughts for Igbo people in Abuja and Nigeria which one among all is Peace and unity for our people here in Abuja FCT. Okwadike you are a big brother and a very good friend to me be rest assured that the assignment you gave me at the eve of your departure that’s to bring peace within our people shall be accomplished by the grace of God to the glory of God and for the benefit of Igbo people in Abuja and the nineteen Nothern states I’m promising you that your wish for Igbo people to live in peace and harmony here in Abuja is a mission that must be accomplished. Rest in Peace Okwadike Ndigbo.

From Igwe Obata Obie, HRH Eze Amb. David Kingston Okey-Dede, Eze Igbo I of Maitama Abuja FCT

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