British-Nigerian Cosmetic Doctor Found Guilty of Having Improper Sex With Patient

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Oluwafemi Tijion Esho, a British-Nigerian celebrity doctor, has been found guilty of having an improper emotional relationship that included sexual intercourse with one of his patients by a medical tribunal in Manchester, United Kingdom.

According to the BBC, Esho, 42, a cosmetic doctor who had featured on many BBC and ITV programmes, admitted before the tribunal on Wednesday that he “behaved inappropriately” and that his conduct was “driven by sexual desires”.

Despite Esho’s past denials, the tribunal would later establish that he indeed had sex with the unnamed patient in exchange for a botox, an injection administered to patients to prevent their muscles from moving for a limited time.


Esho was said to have had sex with the patient, a popular OnlyFans and webcams sexual services provider, at his Newcastle clinic in 2021.

The hearing will reconvene later in April to decide whether Esho’s fitness to practice is impaired because of his misconduct.

“Throughout the hearing and investigation, with which I have cooperated fully, I stressed that I deeply regretted the mistakes which I made in engaging in communications with Patient A, and I admitted to the charges which related to those serious errors of judgement,” Esho later said in a statement.

“I am truly sorry for those actions and apologise to everyone I let down as a result.

“However, I have always been clear that whilst my conduct in communicating with Patient A was wrong, I repeat categorically that it never crossed over into any physical sexual contact.

“My life’s work has been and will remain focused on helping people. I remain dedicated fully to this purpose.”

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