Helicopter Crash: We Lack Specific Information’ — Access Holdings Yet To Confirm Wigwe’s Death

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Access Holdings Plc has on Saturday revealed that it lacks specific information regarding the crash of an helicopter, believed to be carrying Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank Chief Executive Officer, his wife, son and three other passengers in a Southern California desert.

The U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday confirmed the helicopter crash in California near Las Vegas.

But, in a statement released to journalists, Access Holdings confirmed receiving numerous inquiries regarding the crash of an airplane in the USA but insisted it lacked specific information on whether the company’s CEO was involved.

“We have received numerous inquiries concerning an airplane crash in the USA”

Access Holdings however noted it is collaborating with the US authorities on the incident, promising prompt updates on the situation.

“Presently, we lack specific information; however, we are actively collaborating with US authorities who will furnish updates.

“Your understanding and support are valued, and we commit to keeping you informed promptly as we receive updates on the situation,” the statement reads.

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