I Cheated Death’: Charly Boy Survives Prostate Cancer

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Nigerian artiste Charly Boy has disclosed details about his recent battle with prostate cancer, proudly declaring himself a “Prostate Cancer Survivor.”

In a Twitter post, Charles Oputa, 73, reflected on the challenges he faced in 2023, acknowledging the good, the bad, and the ugly.

He expressed gratitude for overcoming a health crisis that has claimed many lives, stating, “I cheated death for something wey no suppose kill us but has killed many. Am a Prostate Cancer Survivor. God, am grateful.”

The accompanying video showed the ‘Nwata Miss’ crooner being wheeled into an elevator on a hospital bed, showcasing a glimpse of his journey through medical treatment.

His post opened a floodgate of encouraging messages and prayers from fans and followers.

This most recent revelation is not the first time Charly Boy has shared his battle with cancer.

In May 2023, he openly discussed his struggle, highlighting the importance of seeking medical help.

In previous interviews, Charly Boy had consistently advocated for men to undergo prostate cancer testing, encouraging openness about health issues.

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