For Nigeria to grow there must be local government autonomy, says activist, Chief Patrick Eholor

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The Global President of One Love Foundation and Democracy Observer General of Nigeria, Chief Dr. Patrick Osagie Eholor, has stated that if Nigeria will start growing there is need for local governments autonomy.

AlaoAkala stated that autonomy such as Local government autonomy is the basic and bedrock of infrastructural Development in Nigeria.

The lawmaker noted that without the autonomous of local government the country will not e able to move beyond a certain point .

He said this on Monday during the second edition of Umera Boost Conference held at International Conference Center, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

The event witnessed presentations by different speakers while panel session was also held at the event.

Alao-Akala who is also the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Youths, further hinted that in driving the force for infrastructural development in the country, local government autonomy must be put into consideration.

“The House of Assemblies across the 36 states don’t know their responsibilities. Since the inception of democracy, we have deprived our people, because the governors have refused to give or recognise the local government areas by giving them autonomy. Without the local government, the dividends of democracy cannot get to anybody—because the basics of democracy is from local government; from local to state, state to the federal. The local government is an arm of government on its own, therefore, state governors are not supposed to be interfering. These state governors are not supposed to be addressed as his excellencies; there is nothing excellent about them. Majority of them are crooks and criminals. If you are not a crook or a criminal you won’t be taking subventions meant for the local government areas for development. That is why some of them won’t conduct local government elections, instead they would appoint caretaker committee chairmen, so that when the money is coming, they would hijack it, leaving a small portion for salaries and pocket the rest.

“I have hired a team of 36 lawyers including Barr. Austin Akahomen who is going to be leading the team. I have instructed him to write to the Attorney General of the Federation to withhold the next subvention of the local government areas. The money should not be given to the state governors. The corruption must stop. We cannot be blaming Buhari and other leaders all the time.

“The Local Government have to be autonomous for it for function effectively, Just like the FEDERAL so as the STATE and then the LOCAL GOVERNMENT. The Local Government is closer to the grassroots they know what the people want and they can deliver if they become autonomous.

“Over time, my research has shown that funds are actually budgeted for Local Government but the state government choose not to release the funds and divert it either for selfish reason or some other reason which at the end they are not held accountable for.

“The report of the 2014 Confab organized by former President Goodluck Jonathan should be adopted, because it captured some of our agitations about the the local government autonomy.
I have started this and I’ll ensure I succeed in it, please join me in this course,” he said.

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