NACJ Honours Men And Women Of Integrity 

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The yearly “INTEGRITY AND PATRIOTISM CONFERENCE, 2023 version, is gathering momentum as it’s set to hold on Friday, October 6, at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja Lagos. According to the official statement from the organization and signed by the National President, Dr Charles Okhai, plans are on top gear to honor a few eminent Nigerians with the prestigious INTEGRITY Award in recognition of their due diligence on the in the corridors of Integrity, Patriotism, and Selfless service to the society.

The Press Statement reads, ” We are delighted to painstakingly select a few eminent Nigerians who have been able to distinguish themselves as men and women of Integrity in our society today. We are not in the giddy excitement of Award business, but to make a strong statement that even though our nation is dominated by t corrupt leaders we still have a handful of those who have not sold their conscience, those who have been able to hold their heads above the murky waters of corruption. These individuals need to be encouraged, and celebrated so that others could emulate them. The is the driving force behind the Annual INTEGRITY and PATRIOTISM CONFERENCE.”

Dr Okhai further explained in the Press Statement that INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING, and that until our leaders are mentally integrity conscious, our nation may never occupy her pride of place on the continent of Africa. According to Dr Okhai, “Any nation run by warped minded leaders is a curse to the people, because it is the people, the poor who live on the knife edge of existence that are the worse victims of such national anomalies.”

He further explained that NACJ Annual Conference on INTEGRITY AND PATRIOTISM is a crusade against bad leadership in our nation both in public and private sectors.

This underscores why the Awards are designed to cover both the Public and Private sectors of our society. Come October 6, all roads will lead to the famous five star Sheraton Hotel to celebrate men and women of Integrity in our nation today.

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