Election Tribunal: Group Urges Ibe Okwara To Accept Court’s Verdict 

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Progressive Youths of Abia North, in a recent press conference, led by Comr. Moses Kalu Uduma has urged Mr. Ibe Okwara Osonwa to acknowledge the fairness and transparency of the court’s judgment and withdraw his case from Appeal. The court, recognized as a competent jurisdiction, not only removed Mr. Okwara from office but also disqualified him due to his involvement in electoral misconduct.

Mr. Osonwa’s controversial journey began when he allegedly invested over 10 million naira in securing the APC House of Representatives nomination form. However, his electoral ambitions were thwarted when he garnered just one vote in the primary election. Subsequently, he switched to the Labor Party, where no primary election had taken place. It was alleged that Mr. Osonwa lobbied his way into recognition by INEC.

Furthermore, the group accused Mr. Osonwa of engaging in electoral fraud, claiming that he manipulated presidential election results in his favor. Despite these allegations, the group urged Mr. Osonwa to respect the court’s judgments and resume his normal life.

This call for acceptance comes as a response to Mr. Osonwa’s persistent claims of unfair Election Tribunal Judgment, which have generated controversy and tension in recent days. The group believes that adherence to the court’s verdict is crucial for the stability and integrity of the electoral process and democracy.

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