Opinion: Ikechi Emenike’s Race Down South, By Odo Ijere 

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A few days ago, I was engaged in a feisty drama by some inelegant staccato voices over my choice of words for the dieing governorship dreams of High Chief Ikechi Emenike.

These staccato voices chose to attack the messenger and ignoring the message. My allegorical message of a black goat that got missing at night has remained a riddle till now that daylight has appeared.

Ikechi Emenike’s demonic apparition has now been replaced by a rare photo opportunity with President Muhammadu Buhari for which his supporters regale themselves in wanton celebration and sophistry.

Seeing also the wife of Ikechi Emenike, the Nigerian Ambassador to the United States in the photo op is an indication that the appointment to see the President was at the instance of the wife’s official protocol. It is well known to a few of us that Emenike has been trying to see the President for almost 6 months now without success. And there it is. But of what use and value is this photo opportunity?

Let me briefly for the sake of rational thinking inform my traducers especially my compatriots in APC that my passion and present pastime is not to engage in further waste of time and energy in uppending party identity politics but to join the Abia proletariat to elect a good enough leader to take over from Victor Okezie Ikpeazu. I have accordingly annulled my party followership status till we have a new governor in May 2023.

As a good student of history, public affairs and a man with his ears on the ground, the pendulum has swung from Ikechi Emenike and his self righteous mannequins. This is notwithstanding the regalia of photo ops and dropping of names of the President to flash our memories.

I was on a similar endorsement plan for same Ikechi Emenike until my encounter on the road to Damascus. The rest is history. I do not care what it cost me to discover the truth and navigate my U turn so long as my missteps is yet to cause any damage to the Abia electorate.

The governorship diadem is still intact and will locate the right person. That right person is not Emenike, an unrepentant proMax and who’s links with the cabal that destroyed this country is no longer debatable. My conscience will kill me if I do not speak up and stand up to defend our values and heritage.

PMB despite his delusional chest beating has brought ruins to our peaceful coexistence. The peace loving peoples of this nation can no longer wait to see his back from the Presidential Villa.

His allowing a Muslim Muslim ticket for APC under his leadership has torn this nation apart. It is a mistake that must be placed at his doorstep as the President. He was in the position to stop it but chose to take the vast majority of Christians of this nation for granted. He and his appendages including Ikechi Emenike who supported this evil will bear the consequences of plunging this nation into crises should INEC by any omission or commission announce Tinubu the winner of the Presidential race.

Now that Ikechi Emenike has boldly announced his endorsement from Mr President?, he will be made to swallow the bitter pills of enemy number one of the people of Abia State by the time the votes are counted devoid of electoral manipulations.
May Abia State and her people prevail.
Odo Ijere, Okpotemba.

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