Akwa Ibom 2023: Why Governor Udom Emmanuel May Not Produce A Successor By Nkereuwem Mendie

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Considerably, I will agree with myself that i have missed the struggle for constant agitation for better welfarism, and even representation from Government at all levels. I am not yet back, still observing my spiritual cleansing while taking cognisance of some political possible indices to whosoever will emerge as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State before the Creation of Itai State.

Political gladiators have activated their games ahead of time and lunched campaign strategy to position themselves as the most acceptable and preferred candidate in the forth coming elections… Its my earnest desire to see their dreams become reality but who will be able to play the Akpabio’s last minute politics of emerging a Successor without the blessings of his predecessor and also producing a Successor against all odds.
Considerably, lets magnify some gray areas in placing tiles on board if we must get it right without a protest on the political scrabble board of Akwa Abasi Ibom state.


The government has over time used the religious weapon of deceit to fool the people to believing in charismatic directions and that this men represent God here on earth, most of us sheep will always adhere to our shepherds voice while they exploit us daily and also seat with government for breakfast prayer meeting and go home with millions only not to show up to vote on the day of election because election is a worldly affair that involves bloodshed while governance is a spiritual affair.
With the new development emanating from the Fathers of Faith and the Sons of Faith, its true that the votes will also divide along that line and this would be another wakeup that the sheep won’t be fooled at all times by the shepherd. Anyways i stand with sons of Faith.


There’s this false believe we have shared as a people that whosoever emerges Governorship candidate of the ruling party in a state primary Selection will definitely win the General Election. I used to believe so until recent developments across the states in the nation has disproved this assertion. When the chips are down, everyone will with their supporters forge for their personal interest, some defections will occur, others will remain in the party to play the internal disorganization, some will use the available opportunity to embezzle with promissory as the cabal that delivers election, we shouldn’t take away a possible two primaries in the state. The practice of reconciliation after primaries will not work to bring the people together to forge a common front at the General elections.


I am one of the few person who knows and Believed Akwa Ibom State elections would have ended in less than three (3) hours according to the professions of Senator Godswill Akpabio. Permit me the details but while we would have been voting, INEC would have uploaded the States result and the incumbent would have been at the Supreme court still on electoral matters to reclaim the mandate.
Its my stern believe that if the APC can put their house together and produce a common front with a little advancement with their game of throne, the opposition party will be able to push the PDP to the edge.


Accept it or leave it, OBA has a rooted grassroot politically base in Akwa ibom state, armed with experience and connections at the National, we will witness a scenario where you either give me or lose it to a neutral person fight. Akwa Ibomites want this heated polity to pave way for whosoever God wants to emerge as Governor of the state but the question is will OBA take a third term bid in the Senate for Equity and fairness or fight to finish and become a sacrificial make or mare catalyst.


I believe most thuggery, political rigging and violence are caused by the supposedly banned groups who were used by this government, eroded to governance, and after elections, assassinated some, imprisoned some and appointed some as checkmates to the aggrieved, while legislations were enacted to proscribe the groups until election period.
If the banned groups work against the interest of the government of the day in unison. This too will be a determinant of who understands the hunger of the common man on the street.


The hunger experienced is not as a result of non availability of money in the state but manmade Artificial scarcity of money and free circulation due to theories of starve them and make them vulnerably dependent on their pay master.
Then feed them during the elections to execute your biddings might not work. Some people have stayed hungry for eight years, others four years and some more and are used to hunger techniques. People will see the monies as compensation for the last unpaid jobs and a share of our stolen common wealth. Even Caesar is finding it difficult to comprehend why people eat Caesar’s share. Money spraying might not supersede political awareness, consciousness and awakening through experiences that has resulted from political socialization of the people and political culture of political class.


The people have the rights to demand even representation from leaders they elect and when the politicians have repeatedly fooled the people with campaign promises and fulfill non, people will question all that was promised, its there in video clips and saved on phone clouds and social media spaces. We’ll be tired of sharing of branded rice, short term sales of subsidized Garri at Secretariat, groundbreaking of mushroom cottage industries, appointment of SA’s to Monitor unavailable projects as political compensation.

The Governor should listen to the heartbeat of the people and read the fears in their eyes to know sycophants will praise sing him to failure, abandon him before the next dispensation, dig out evidences to nail him and drag his government to mud just like precedence has shown that the Attah’s men who latter became Godswill’s men dragged Attah’s government and Godswill men who latter became Udom’s men also dragged Godswill and Udom’s men who will become men’s to the new government will destroy Udom.

We Pray daily for the Government and wish the Governor a safe landing.

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