OPINION: Why I admire Obasanjo – Andrew Omokaro

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After so many research to figure out who has actually worked hard for the good governance of our country after the independence of 1960 that has never be, I found out he was our ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo who succeeded
Murtala Muhammed who was killed, on 13 February 1976. I’m a living evidence of that period of time because I just came back from US on holidays in Lagos. The assassination was so sad he has not even completed a one year term of his presidency.

However, let me go to the point.
It’s a pity Olusegun Obasanjo is stricken up in age to return to power but can be a good adviser. He’s among the very few leaders in the Nigerian history who has brilliantly established many institutions that strengthened the Nigerian standards and ensured a better society.

He reopened lots of diplomatic ties which was fractured due to Nigeria’s years of military and authoritarian regimes. Awolowo would’ve ve been a good example too in his time but unfortunately he was a territorial politician who only focused merely on the WEST. Baba Obasanjo was different and was more a president and father of the whole nation without racial dépendance.

This was possible because he was not from the north and nevertheless never has he discredited the Northerners if they carry out their political assignments faithfully during his presidency.
During the time of General Sani Abacha, he had many political prisoners and amongst them was Obasanjo and his then deputy Musa Yaradua, these men were charged with treason and were awaiting execution. His deputy died in prison and Obasanjo, fortunately, survived this ordeal and after Abacha died, the new head of state decided to ensure a civilian government, Obasanjo was called upon by some elder statesmen to run for presidency and he contested on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party and his mantra was “ to make Nigeria great again ” Wallahi. When he won the election in 1999, he made sure he dismantled the Kaduna Mafia, the power brokers in the military. He ensured that the country goes through new constitutional amendments and retired many generals in the military.
My Kudos to Baba Olusegun Obasanjo.


I knew from time that our ex President has a good relationship with the Nobel price whom I’ve met in Italy couple of times during his social campaign Caravan in Europe. He did impressed me in his noble speeches but I’m more than skeptical of his commitments in Politics. He should remain a Poet, dramatist, novelist, satirist, essayist and polemical writer, as the most articulate exponent of Africa novelists. Wole Soyinka is indeed the greatest writer that Africa has produced in recent years after the death of Chinua Accebe at the age of 82. Kudos to both of them

Let me conclude by saying that If PDP is the promise land and the party for equal rights and justice in Nigeria and the hope for positive changes, I will not mind to be a life fan and sympathizer.

Andrew Omokaro

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