Esama vs Ultimate Equal: Abuse of privilege and intimidation by the elites against the masses

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Abuse of privilege and intimidation by the elites in the society against the masses: Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor popularly known as Ultimate Equal versus Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin Kingdom.

It’s of public interest to note that the maverick human rights activist and social crusader,Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor (Ultimate Equal) is embroiled in a land dispute with Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin kingdom.

This dispute has taken an ugly shape that calls for public notification; his privileged contacts to intimidate and harm twist Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor cast of lands at Obe that lawfully belong to him. As an insight in the narrative, the said land was bought by ultimate equal more than two decades ago from the Obe community. There was an encroachment by the Ugbor community on the said land due to border dispute between the two communities. The Ugbor community unlawfully sold the same land to Mr Osa Osunde who is married to Esama’s daughter.

The Oba intervened and ruled that the land rightfully belongs to the Obe community. Meaning that Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor is the rightful owner. Mr Osa Osunde by extension went to human rights court. The verdict was in favour of Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor the aggrieved. The twist to this whole narrative is that Mr Osa Osunde desperately sold the land that doesn’t belong to him to his in law Chief Gabriel Igbinedion to avert seizure when he had trouble with the EFCC on fraud charges.

This whole scheme and disposition is very fraudulent on the part of Esama and his in law Mr Osa Osunde. Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has been mentally tortured and physically harassed from this whole ordeal. But he has been calm and keeping to the law. Esama has defied the palace and court ruling and taken law into his hands using thuggery and police intimidation to take land that rightfully belong to Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor. What a way to abuse privilege?

The aggrieved is a law abiding citizen, doing his best to better himself and society within lawful means. It’s very unfair to subject him to this very ugly arm twisting scheme and fraud by Esama and cronies. Esama is going too low by every definition to ridicule his name and position he occupies in Benin kingdom and society at large. Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor cannot sit and watch for him to be robbed. He has exercised to the highest degree patience and due process in a life threatening ordeal. Esama should listen to the voice of good reasoning and stay away from the said land and stop threatening Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor’s life.

The aggrieved deserve an apology and peace of mind. Let the public opinion court judge. No one is above the law. Rule of law is supreme..

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  • This is absurd. This is a complete twist of privilege. I think daddy Esama is too big to condescend so low.
    This buying, reselling are means to justify their nefarious deeds. Since it has been ruled the land belongs to OBE community, then, Comrade Patrick Osagie Eholor rightfully hold claim to the land.
    In the spirit of fare play, Esama and his in law should bow out of this land tussle.
    What a twisting of hands.

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