OPINION: Social Revolution Is The Only Remedy To Our Problems, By Patrick Osagie Eholor

Chief Patrick Eholor/Commercial banks

By Patrick Osagie Eholor

I would say stop talking about President Muhammadu Buhari If  you are not  comfortable with his administration. Someone must’ve voted for him, or rather he falsified the election result to become President.

Nevertheless, 90% of the Nigerian population don’t want him as their president but guess what; He’s still there on the throne of gold doing too little or nothing to solve the dramatic situation putting the citizens down on their kneels to end the injustice.

Everyone continue to complain about Buhari, If you don’t want Buhari organize a peaceful collective and massive march protest with the participation of every single citizen. When the world population acknowlege that, He will have no other option than step down from office and be exiled.

So many countries made this peaceful march protest as a priority to regain their democracy back while Nigerians continue talk talk talk lamenting always without reactions. Well done is better than well said.

Enough of the talking. Action is the only remedy.

We are no longer in any form to take our leader’s misleading promises anymore. Buhari’s  administration is the worst that has ever happened to Nigerian citizens in the history of Nigeria. Expecting things to change without putting any effort to it, it’s like waiting for the ship at the airport.

Our senators driving private jets fruits from injustice where an average Nigerian family can’t afford a one meal a day. Nigeria to bloom needs a total removal of our vultures in power! SOCIAL REVOLUTION is the only remedy since every effort has only led to a failure.

A peaceful nation wide march protest to enable International press intervention is very necessary We can’t support this oppression anymore. Foundation for your unending struggles for a better Nigeria.

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